How should I respond when my teen announces they are gay? Episode 5

We know that many parents are dealing with a son or daughter announcing that they are gay. In this episode, Dr. John shares critical insights from “Messy Grace” by Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach, and he’ll offer some biblical strategies to bring together both the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. This episode will speak to those who want to know how to respond to the LGBTQ issue.Read More

Someone Wants to Destroy Holy Sexuality, Episode 4

We must be clearly aware that there is a spiritual battle going on around us. We can better preserve the reality of holy sexuality if we realize that it is under attack in the spiritual realms. As Christians, we engage in the battle to help people because we care for them. This is not really a battle between political parties or cultural interest groups. It’s a battle for God to be lifted high and win the hearts of people for whom He died.Read More

Who’s discipling your youth: the church or the culture? Episode 2

In this episode, Dr. John shares critical insights from the book Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why It Matters, by Dr. Juli Slattery. We can become a redeeming force in a world of sexual brokenness by promoting the concept of sexual discipleship within the church instead of continuing to allow the culture to disciple our youth on sexuality.Read More