Help! I just discovered my teen has been looking at pornography | Episode 6

What should parents do when they have just learned that their teen is viewing pornography? Are there some things not to do? What is the best way to initially respond? In this episode, Dr. John helps parents to know how to respond when they find out that their teen is viewing pornography. We will also address some of the most frequently asked questions from parents when they make this shocking and disturbing discovery.Read More

How should I respond when my teen announces they are gay? Episode 5

We know that many parents are dealing with a son or daughter announcing that they are gay. In this episode, Dr. John shares critical insights from “Messy Grace” by Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach, and he’ll offer some biblical strategies to bring together both the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. This episode will speak to those who want to know how to respond to the LGBTQ issue.Read More

Dads, It’s Time to Lead

Our culture is loud and persuasive when it comes to telling their story about sex. We must answer that story with God’s better story, his story of sacred sex. Dads, be confident! You have what it takes to accomplish this great purpose. God has given you his Holy Spirit who will help. He will enable you to teach your teen a positive and sacred view of sex.Read More