About Teen 2 or 3-Day Intensives

The intensive is designed to meet the unique needs of each participant. Before the intensive begins, background information is requested for the preparation stage. Each day, this intensive will include 3 hours of one-on-one counseling (for a 3-day), DVD therapy, and special assignments. The teen will complete this intensive with a heightened awareness of the threat this behavior will cause in their future. Solutions will be provided to guide them toward a healthy lifestyle. The intensive is geared for teens struggling with:

  • Internet Pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Promiscuity
  • Relationships
  • Lust and Fantasy

How 2- and 3-Day Intensive Treatment Works

Let’s follow Mrs. B through the process. She initially called our office and asked several questions about the treatment process. We answered her questions and she decided to have her son, Larry, take part in a 3-Day Intensive.

We explained that we design the 2 or 3-Day Intensive uniquely for each teen. The parent(s) are given paperwork in advance of the Intensive. The parents complete the paperwork providing intake information about their child’s medical history, medicine(s), mental health, and current struggles. They are also given an assessment to complete about their son or daughter.

The teen completes a form detailing their sexual history and personal hopes for the Intensive. This information is processed before the Intensive and plays a key role in designing the therapeutic experience.

We also endeavor to support the family. It is required that a parent come to the Intensive. Addiction has an impact on everyone in the family—not just the addict. We suggest that the same-sex parent come, if it is possible. In this case, Mrs. B participated in the Intensive, because Larry’s father was not a part of his life. We work with the parent(s) to assess their needs, to provide family education, and to work on unresolved issues.

Each day of the intensive includes 3 hours of one-on-one counseling (a total of 9 hours for the intensive), 1 hour with the parent(s), DVD therapy, and assignments. The teen completes this intensive with a clearer awareness of the threat this behavior will cause in their future. More importantly, solutions will be provided to guide them toward a life with healthy relationships and sexuality.

Teen 3-Day Intensives are held Friday-Sunday, and 2-Day Intensives are Saturday-Sunday. For information on costs or to schedule an intensive, call 719-644-5557.