Many people simply compare themselves to others, and that is the most unreliable way to answer the question. Søren Kierkegaard said, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

The following assessment is for informational purposes and has not been validated by any clinical studies. However, it has been used with a significant number of teens. The questions found on the Teen Pornography Addiction Checkup (TPAC) can be found in other similar instruments. While this can be done by a teen for a preliminary indication, it is strongly encouraged that an evaluation be done with the guidance and support of a trained professional.

If your teen scores high on the assessment, the best next step is a full evaluation by a professional counselor.

Welcome to your Teen Pornography Addiction Checkup

Directions: Read each of the 25 statements carefully. If the statement is mostly TRUE, then select the button next to TRUE. If the statement is mostly FALSE, then select the button next to FALSE. You must answer each question. Once you have answered each question, click SUBMIT YOUR QUIZ to see your score. Scores are separated into one of four groups, with additional information about each group and test result.



I think about sex more than I would like to.


I have joined in sexually related chats.


I have masturbated while looking at pornography.


I spend more than 3 hours a week using my computer for sexual pursuits.


I have searched for pornography on computers besides at home.


I try to hide my sexual use of the computer from others.


I often feel empty or shameful after viewing pornography.


I have stayed up after midnight to access sexual material online.


I have made promises to myself to stop using the Internet for sexual reasons.


I have planned my time and schedule in order to get online for sexual purposes.


I feel anxious, angry, disappointed, when I can’t access sexual material online.


I have lied to others about what I do online.


I have sent or received sexual pictures online.


I believe that I am addicted to Internet pornography.


I have viewed or posted sexual pictures or information on Facebook or other social media.


I worry about getting caught by my parents or others.


I have sexual thoughts and feelings that conflict with my family values and religious beliefs.


I have viewed or posted sexual videos online (YouTube, Google Video, etc.).


I have stored sexual pictures or videos online.


I have met face to face with someone I met online for romantic/sexual purposes.


I rationalize, justify, minimize, and make excuses about my pornography use.


I sometimes feel there is something wrong with me for what I do online.


I have looked at pornography or masturbated as a reward for accomplishing something.


I have seen sexual pictures of other kids or teens online.


I sometimes look at pornography to avoid or escape my feelings or to deal with stress or boredom.

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