A special message to struggling teenagers: It is best, if possible, that you talk with your parents. I know that sharing something like this isn’t easy and can be embarrassing—but I can assure you it is worth it.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle that keep teens from sharing about their addiction is fear—fear of how your parents will react or fear about disappointing your family. If this is also holding you back, I want to encourage you to be courageous.

How will your parents react when you share with them that you are struggling with pornography? In my experience, most parents usually express three emotions when they learn their child is struggling with pornography:

  1. They feel angry. Not at you, but at themselves for not better protecting you from this problem.
  2. They are sad that you are struggling with this temptation alone.
  3. They are often proud of you for admitting this problem. It isn’t an easy thing to do and most parents realize that.

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I would encourage you to not let your fears get in the way of sharing about your struggles. Here is a practical way to help you take that next step and find the courage to share your struggles with your parents. Pick the parent you feel most comfortable with and let them know you need to talk with them. If you are afraid to face them in person, consider writing a note or letter. Let them know that you have struggled with pornography and need their help in getting free from it. It doesn’t have to be a long note—you just need to share the basics. Here is an example:

Dad, There is something I want to tell you, but I am not sure how to say it. I have been battling with pornography for some time, and I know I cannot stop alone. I need your help.

Go get a piece of paper now and decide who you are going to share this with, when you are going to give it with them, and how you are going to share it with them.

You can’t beat this alone, and keeping it a secret will only keep you in bondage longer. Overcome your fear and communicate your struggle with a family member as soon as possible. Don’t waste any more of your life on pornography.

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