Who is watching you and the way you live? Who sees how you handle sin and weakness in your life? If you have a son, he’s watching. You may be able to pass on money, land, or IRAs, but these won’t be as important to him as what you model. Are you demonstrating for him integrity, humility, and compassion? How you answer this question will determine whether you pass on blessings or curses to him.

Others are watching too. Your daughter is defining manhood by your example. Your wife is learning about unconditional love by watching your actions. There are non-Christians learning what it means to be a Christian by watching you. There are no secrets. I can assure you, someone is definitely watching.

What is the message others are learning from observing your life? There are basically two messages we can communicate. The first is to live in such a way that says to others, “Life is about me: my needs, my desire, and my happiness.” Essentially, this is the life of self-centeredness. On the other hand, you can live in such a way as to say, “Jesus is what life is all about, and you are more important than me.” You can spend your hours and days loving and giving to others. You may not end up rich in material things, but that’s okay. It is much better to be rich in the things of God and showing others how to live well.

[tweetthis]Just imagine what would happen if the church today helped create a new generation of men! #Legacy[/tweetthis]

Just imagine what would happen if the church today helped create a new generation of men! It is exciting to think of men no longer trapped by secrecy and sexual sin. These are men real about the struggle, supporting each other, and walking in freedom. These men commit themselves to a strategy for victory:

  • They live and walk in the fear and awe of the Lord.
  • They are armed with the Word and ready to work for purity.
  • They have a plan to protect their families and those they love.
  • They are honest and accountable with other trusted men.
  • They put into practice praise and worship to the Lord.

I believe that most men want to leave a legacy of godliness and honor. There is a man inside of you that wants to look into the eyes of your wife, children, and loved ones, and hear someday the words, “He loved Jesus and he loved me too!” How great to be a patriarch of purity and blessing.

Our God is calling us to be a new generation of men in an unclean world. We will have to aim our lives in a way to honor God and our families. And you’ll have to fight for it. C.S. Lewis said it poignantly, “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed and counterclaimed by Satan.”

There can be victory. It all starts with our willingness to surrender to the Lord, followed by a humble willingness to engage in the heroic journey, and then living in relationship with a few others who really know us. You cannot do it alone. We need other committed men to walk alongside us as we travel.

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