Perhaps you recently discovered that your husband or partner is looking at porn on the Internet. What’s going on in his thought life? Is he having an affair? Is he sexually addicted? RHC offers hope, encouragement, and resources for women struggling with their loved one’s sexual sin. We also offer couples counseling. God has used us to heal and restore marriages that were literally on the brink of divorce. We urge you to call or email us today.

Restoring HeartsCounseling is effective, affordable, and confidential. RHC combines the bestof theological training, pastoral experience, graduate-level training and experience in professional counseling. We testify that God can help anyone find hope and freedom.

Christian Counseling Services

Couples and Marriage Counseling

RHC offers three-day intensives for couples struggling with sexual addiction.

Individual Counseling

RHC has three-day intensives for individuals who are looking for solutions to sexual addiction.

Pastors and Spouses Counseling

Pastors and their spouses can face unique challenges in maintaining sexual purity and a happy, healthy marriage. RHC offers a specialized counseling program specifically for pastors and spouses dealing with sex and porn addiction.

Christian Addiction Counseling

Porn Addiction Counseling

We offer Christian porn addiction counseling to help treat pornography addiction and other compulsive online behaviors.

Sex Addiction Counseling

RHC offers Christian sex addiction counseling for individuals and couples that are struggling with sex addiction.

Teen Porn Addiction Counseling

Finding a competent counselor to treat teen pornography addiction and other compulsive online behaviors is not easy. While there are trained therapists who can work with adults, there are very few who work with teens. And finding a therapist or treatment center for teens—especially one with a Christian perspective—can be equally as difficult. We have vast experience working with teens and porn addiction.

What kind of counseling does RHC offer?

We offer practical, affordable, pastoral, and professional counseling for men and women struggling with purity issues, porn addiction, and sexual addiction. We also offer counseling for couples dealing with the heartbreak of sexual sin, and particularly for the wives of husbands trapped in sexual sin. We strongly recommend you seek counsel with one of the female counselors on our referral list. We also have experience working with issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse and trauma, other addictions, and we offer marriage counseling. The ultimate goal is not recovery or healing but an intimate and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We can help regardless of your location

We counsel people across the country and sometimes internationally via phone or Zoom (we recommend Zoom when possible). We also counsel locally in our offices in Huntsville, AL. We have been just as successful with our phone/Zoom counseling as we have been with our face-to-face counseling. Additionally, phone and Zoom counseling is often more confidential than having to visit an office, it allows for more flexibility in scheduling, and you save money in terms of transportation and traveling time.

How much does counseling cost?

Our normal price is $110 per 50-minute session. We do offer a lower rate sometimes based on verifiable financial need.

Does Restoring Hearts take insurance?

Yes, we work with some insurance companies.  You will need to ask if we are on your panel.  Please keep in mind that insurance companies do not reimburse for porn or sexual addiction treatment, since that diagnosis does not exist in the DSM-V.  However, sometimes reimbursement can be achieved with a comorbid diagnosis.  That usually means there must be a diagnosis for a mood disorder or adjustment disorder.

How long will the process take?

You can expect at least 6 months to a year. We have a lot to teach and model for you in the Recovery Process, and the ability to stay sober over a long period of time is one of the key tests of sobriety. Some addicts can achieve sobriety for several months if they try real hard but as you already know, willpower alone is not sufficient. The typical Recovery Process is counseling every week for the first 2-3 months; it is usually every other week from 4-8 months; and by then you are doing well and we taper off from there. A few people have completed the process in less than a year, and a number of people have spent longer in counseling. A lot depends on how deep you are in your addictive process and how dysfunctional your background is.

What do you expect from me when I start counseling with RHC?

We expect honesty from you—you can’t break free if you continue lying and covering up your sin. For many men, a polygraph is a necessary part of their recovery. We expect a serious commitment to see the process through from beginning to end. Addicts are usually great at starting things but we want people who will finish the race and not drop out just because you think you are cured after a month or two of successful sobriety. We expect you to do your homework each week, participate in your weekly counseling sessions, and join a weekly support group. We are successful in part because we offer no magic pill or instant 60-day cure but a disciplined and methodical approach that really works. Recovery and spiritual maturity are not achieved by sprinting to the finish line but instead are accomplished by a step-by-step marathon of steady progress that ultimately leads to complete transformation.

What results are possible?

We see a lot of victory and transformation through our counseling. We have worked with hundreds of men through the years. These men ranged from basic porn and masturbation addiction to men who had slept with hundreds of prostitutes. However, no matter the depth of their addiction, these men have achieved amazing results in their recovery and more importantly their walk with God. A number of these men’s marriages were literally on the verge of divorce, but, praise God, these marriages were healed and restored. We expect success when we counsel you but also remember that we ask a lot of you.

What’s the bad news and good news about sexual addiction?

The bad news is you need to take sexual sin very seriously. Read the Scripture. God does not tolerate sexual sin. Purity is absolutely essential to intimacy with God. And yet we live in a world and in a time when sexual sin is everywhere and instantly accessible. Furthermore, you will lose everything if you continue in your addictive behaviors; sexual sin is progressive, you keep getting worse, it is the nature of addiction. Literally, countless sexual addicts have lost their marriages, their kids, their jobs, their money, their lives, and worst of all their relationship with God for the sake of sexual sin. Of all addictions, this is probably the hardest to break (you can pull up sexual thoughts in your brain anytime you want). The vast majority of people—if not all—will not break free on their own.

There is good news! God really does set people free. Help is available. You can get the needed support by calling us at 256-278-9188. This is what Restoring Hearts has to offer. Contact us if you are serious and ready to take the first step toward a life of freedom. The truth will indeed set you free, but you must first learn the truth, then believe it, and finally, live by it. We are here to help guide you through this life-transforming process.

Christian Counseling in Huntsville, AL

Work with our Christian counselors in Huntsville, AL. We also offer online Christian counseling services and are able to work with individuals around the county. We work in all types of counseling, from traditional marriage counseling and individual counseling to specializing in sex addiction counseling and porn addiction counseling.

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