Individual Intensives

The Individual Three-Day Intensive is tailored in many ways for the specific client. At the same time, some highlights of this intensive will be:

  • Discover the origination of your sexual addiction
  • Address core issues of sexual addiction
  • Outline a definitive plan for your recovery
  • Create long term strategies for your successful recovery

For men in recovery from compulsive sexual behavior who are in a married relationship, it is strongly suggested that the intensive work be done as a couple.

Are you tired of your compulsive sexual behavior? Have you tried to stop several times before and been unsuccessful? Have your lies and manipulation damaged your relationship to the point where you wonder if it will survive?

Three-Day intensives are not for everyone. They do not offer a three-day cure. There is no such thing. The intensive is hard work, but it does allow you to get to the root of your addiction and put your life and relationship on the road to recovery. Three days of concentrated and challenging work address issues that normally would take a year or more of therapy for similar results.

This solution-driven intensive can help make recovery smoother and much more attainable. This intensive includes three daily individual sessions, with time each day during your sessions to work on assignments. Structured assignments are given to work on during your own time that includes DVD therapy.

Three-Day Intensives held at Restoring Hearts Counseling Services in Huntsville, Alabama, are available Friday through Sunday. Call to schedule your Intensive at (256) 278-9188.

An intensive is hard work, but it allows you to get to the root of your addiction and begin recovery.

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