Christian Marriage Counseling

Three-Day Couples Intensive

This intensive serves the needs of couples who are experiencing sexual addiction. A licensed counselor will address the structural damage that takes place in most systems within sexually addictive relationships. Intensives consist of individual sessions and couples sessions. The couple will attain skills and goals to count themselves among many clients that have successfully remained in committed relationships after the awareness of sexual addiction. A new beginning is possible with the tools attained from this intensive. This intensive includes one counseling session for the addict, one session for the partner and one session as a couple with a licensed counselor each day. As the name implies, the three days will be intense. Structured assignments are given to work on during your own time.

During the intensive, a significant part of the work is to help the wife. We want to help the wife to deal with the trauma experienced by the partner’s acting out. Additional work will help you define, develop, and maintain healthy boundaries. The goal is to empower you within the relationship. Determining what you need to feel safe, and helping you develop a long-term plan for self-care. We will also work with you and your partner to design and lay a foundation for rebuilding trust. Of course, we will highlight the subject of healthy sexuality, how to move toward it and experience it.

The Couples Three-Day Intensive held at Restoring Hearts Counseling Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is available Friday through Sunday. Call to schedule your Intensive at (719) 644-5557.

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