We live in a culture that constantly assaults us with lust, sex, and porn.

Purity can seem impossible and even ridiculous in this environment—but it’s not. We have a loving and powerful God on our side, and His definition of sex and relationships is so much more satisfying than the world’s.

Pure Teens: Free to Love presents a call to live within the beauty and joy of God’s design for sexuality. It serves as a valuable, practical resource for every Christian teen on how to fight the battle for sexual integrity. The book is intended to increase communication between parents and teen. Dr. John Thorington candidly shares guidance on a wide variety of topics:

  • Sex and the brain
  • God’s plan for spiritual freedom
  • Practical help to overcome masturbation
  • Sex as God’s gift
  • Your true spiritual identity
  • God’s model of grace

You can learn to enjoy a love relationship with Abba Father, embrace every person’s worth, practice a life of gratitude, and learn the relational skills necessary for true intimacy. The world tells you that sex comes with no boundaries, but God wants to give you something far greater. He calls you to a life of authentic passion, relationships, and soul-satisfying sexuality. These daily readings offer suggestions and practical help to get you there.

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