Sex Addiction Counseling

Sex addiction can damage relationships and individuals. It can affect women as well as men, both old and young.

Restoring Hearts Counseling provides Christian sex addiction counseling through a variety of services.

Christian Sex Addiction Help

We are based in Huntsville, AL and have intensives and counseling for couples and individuals looking for help with sexual addiction. Our intensives meet in person, but we do offer online counseling services. Below are some of our offerings, but if you don’t feel that you fit into one of these programs please call us at 256-278-9188 to speak with a counselor and we can help to get you the correct help, whether that is with us or another organization.

Sex Addiction Help for Individuals

Restoring Hearts Counseling hosts three-day intensives for individuals struggling with sex addiction. Our intensives are held at our offices in Huntsville, AL.

Sex Addiction Help for Couples

Our couples intensive is focused on helping couples who are affected by sex addiction from one or both of the partners.

Sex Addiction Help for Pastors

Pastors can face unique challenges in maintaining sexual purity and a healthy marriage. Restoring Hearts Counseling offers a special intensive designed for pastors and their wives.

Porn Addiction

If you or a loved one is specifically dealing with an addiction to pornography, we have services that deal directly with that as well.

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