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There is a war raging around us. Every man needs a plan of action in
order to live clean on this epic battlefield. John Eldredge is right in affirming the truth of God’s Word. He says,


“Things are not what they seem. We are at war. That war is against
your heart, your glory.”  Isaiah 61:1 declares s great hope
that finds fulfillment in Jesus Christ:


He has sent me to bind up the
brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom
for the captives and release from
darkness for the prisoner.

Freedom Support Groups

Restoring Hearts Counseling offers men’s groups at different times throughout the
week. The small groups average 6-8 men that meet for 90 minutes. They are led by
two trained group facilitators. Men range in age between 18-86.


The purpose of the groups is in part to help men find freedom from the bondage of lust and pornography. More importantly, it is to help men understand God’s purpose for sex, marriage, and the family.


The groups are dedicated to helping participants become Kingdom men—men
who are grounded in their spiritual identity and mission.

Details of Freedom Groups 

Each group is committed to a 1-year process so that they can really get to know each
other. Each man signs a Covenant to Contend that creates a high esprit de corps.


Groups are characterized by high enthusiasm and strong regard for the honor of the group.


The resource books include:


1. The Freedom Fight, Ted Shimer
2. Twelve Steps for Christians
3. Friends of Recovery


Some of the topics include:


• A Deadly War Declared
• Your Future is at Stake
• What Causes This Addiction or Sin?
• The Hooked Brain
• Tools to Win the Battle with Lust
• Healing Hurt and Trauma
• Negative Emotions and Emotional Health
• Putting on the Armor of God
• Becoming Who God Made You
• Living in the Promised Land

Benefits of the Group

Some of the benefits of group participation:


• Improving coping skills
• Feeling less lonely, isolated, or judged
• Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
• Overcoming personal feelings of shame and building a sense of self and worth
• Building relationships and friendships
• Gaining a sense of empowerment in the healing and restoration of your marriage


If you would like more information, please call us at 256-278-9188.

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